Accessories, Products and Services
  We offer a complete range of Building Components,                 Custom Accessories and Specialty Services.
     Complete Pre-Engineered Metal Building Pkgs.
     Made-to-order for each customer’s needs and application
     Engineered and Manufactured to withstand climactic loading            requirements (for each customer)
     Computer Aided Design and Manufacturing processes
     Drawings are supplied and certified by a registered Engineer
     Concrete drawings are available (optional)
     Self-framing Premier Man doors are available (optional)
     Full array of competitively priced Bi-fold, Overhead and Split             sliding doors (optional)
      Insulation (WMPVR and Energy Saver) from R-10 to R-50                     (optional)
      Commercial High Tensile Panels 24, 26 & 29ga. Grade 80                   (specify option)
      Standing Seam Roof Systems 24ga. VS-216 and TS-324                      (optional)
                          Colored Panels c/w 40 year warranty
                          Galvalume Panels c/w 20 warranty

                               Other available options
                  LED Energy efficient lighting systems
                        Fume Extraction equipment
                              Overhead cranes
                 Grain storage ventilation equipment                                            Radiant, In-floor, Forced-Air and Air make-up heating                                                    systems
                            Air conditioning equipment

We will do the leg work, to locate collateral contractor services for your project; Carpentry, Plumbing, HVAC, Concrete work, Ground prep.

        SSI can provide complete project supervision services

Our only limitation is your imagination